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Hi Team,

In Azure SQL Data Sync, inside sync group if I select a database and click on Refresh Schema, table never loads,
message appears as Load tables.
Could you please let me know how to resolve this.


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  1. SUNOJ KUMAR YELURU 12,411 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    HI @salil singh

    Avoid schema refresh timeout
    If you have a complex schema to sync, you may encounter an "operation timeout" during a schema refresh if the sync metadata database has a lower SKU (example: basic).

    To mitigate this issue, please scale up your sync metadata database to have a higher SKU, such as S3.

    Troubleshoot issues with SQL Data Sync


    1. Tables with a primary key can only be replicated
    2. User-defined data types are not supported
    3. Computed columns are not supported
    4. Tables with identity column which is non-primary key are not supported in Azure SQL data sync
    5. Tables with the same name but different schema are not supported
    6. You must manage identity columns manually. No auto identity management like in SQL Server replication. In case if you insert a row with the same identity value on hub and master, the insert will be lost based on your conflict resolution
    7. Supports only data sync not the schema changes. For example, if you insert a row in member database with identity value 1 and there is an insert with same identity value on hub database, if the conflict resolution is set to member win then the row inserted at the Azure SQL hub database is deleted and row inserted at member will be persisted in both member and hub databases
    8. The initial sync will only create a table on the member database, not the other objects created on top of the table like triggers, foreign keys, etc.
    9. Continuous synchronization is not supported. The minimum sync frequency interval is 5 minutes

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  2. Vitor Tomaz 1 Reputation point Microsoft Employee

    If you close the "Refresh Schema blade" and do Refresh Logs on the sync group blade you may have an error message with more details.

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