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Authenticator vs contact

Hi, Usually, when I get in my mail, I connect on my computer. Then, I get the authentification on my phone. And I can reach my mail. To day, I tried to connect to my mail directly on my phone. I got the authentification on the same phone. I could reach my mail. Since that time, I lost many of my contacts. I've lost some complet contacts, or part of them. For example, I had no more contact of my friend B, and have only the mail of my friend C, all the informations of my friend D are there, etc. Is it possible that Authentificator have a back up of my contacts? Does Authenticator can cancel the acces to a part of my contacts? Thanks for your help. I was wondering because it's the only different thing I have done today. Yesterday night, I had access to everything, as usual.

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Hi @JacyntheTasseCIUSSSCN-7846,

Welcome to our forum, please first understand uner outlook tag, we maily focus on general issue on Outlook desktop client.

Did the issue only occur on your outlook for mobile? And could you find the contacts in your Outlook for PC and web mail?

If you still could find your contacts in PC, as I know, when we configured our account with POP/IMAP in PC, the contacts that you created there indeed couldn't sync to other client, please kindly check if it's your case.

If that's not your case, or you actually couldn't find your contacts in your outlook for windows and outlook for mobile, in the point of authenticator, I haven't found any related konwn issue about contact lost with Authenticator, if you still need more information about authenticator, it's suggested to add an authenticator tag under your post. For the issue itself, in order to further confirm it, we could log in the web mail to check if the contacts are there, if you also couldn't find them in your web mail, I think the issue may be more related to your account itself, it's suggested to contact the account support directly to restore your contact.

Hope that would be helpful to you.

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Hi @JacyntheTasseCIUSSSCN-7846,
Do you still have any questions about it?
If not, in order to close this thread normally, please kindly mark the helpful post to answer, which would benefit others who also has similar issues.
Thanks for your understanding.

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