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Pearson Vue double reschedule MS-100 but did not inform me of exam change.

3-30-2021 I took the MS-100 exam. However Pearson Vue had already asked me (email) to reschedule twice because of covid-19. During the exam I noticed the Exam had changed. So I studied for the old exam and not the new exam. Pearson Vue, who made me reschedule, did not inform me of the change. I think they should inform people and need to compensate me ( a free exam). I failed with 620 points.....(so almost passed)...because of my experience in IT. This should however be backed by good study of the correct exam material.

However they send me directly to Microsoft and took no responsibility.

Is there a possibility to get a compensation or free exam? Is there a new study guide for MS-100 exam?

My colleagues and I are thinking about not using the services of Pearson Vue anymore. They are not customer friendly at all.

Please be understanding and inform Pearson Vue ....this is not the way to treed customers. I have taken dozens of exams with Pearson Vue and will be taking several Microsoft exams in the future.

Kind gerards,

Pascal Faessen

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Hello @PascalFaessen-2999 ,

We are sorry that this happened with you . I am not sure if a free exam can be provided in this case however I would request you to check with experts on training support forums. The QnA forums do not support certification queries at this point . Please open a thread on the training support forum .

As for the current material for MS-100. I would suggest you to go through all the learn courses which are free listed on the MS-100 certification page once you scroll down. Whenever the certification changes the courses are also updated with same cadence . You may not find extremely large changes in the content for this exam though as far as I think , but I would suggest you to check the skills outline file which contains a comparison .

Also there is something else that I wanted to suggest to you regarding the vouchers. You can join the cloud skills challenge using your corporate ID and earn a certification voucher for free by completing the courses on Microsoft Learn. Alternatively you can join sessions and events during Microsoft Build and Microsoft Ignite to earn free vouchers if there are any available at that time. In the last few years , we have given away a lot of vouchers to Microsoft Tech enthusiasts who participated in the event and completed tasks as per the rules laid out by the organizing teams. There is no guarantee that in future also you may get the same but , I would suggest to keep an eye on the events.

I would still suggest to create a thread with the training support forum as mentioned above and see if they can do something in this case . Hope the information provided helps.

Thank you.

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