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Hello, I want to know which azure service I could use to create redirection rules for an Azure App service application. Currently, my solution is creating the redirect rules in my code but I have a lot of broken links that keep popping up, and most of the time, I would have to create the rule, deploy changes to staging then to production and this is cumbersome. so I want to know if I could use a service such as Azure Application Gateway to do this.

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Azure Application Gateway
Azure Application Gateway
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    As of now Azure provides Application Gateway as well as Azure Front Door for URL redirection. Deploying an Azure APPGW has the following features enabled,

    1. You configure a listener and rule that redirects web traffic that arrives at the application gateway to an external site.
    2. Redirect HTTP traffic to the HTTPS port in your application gateway.
    3. APPGW with internal redirection
    4. You can even have path based URL redirecting in APPGW

    Ref doc for better understanding.


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