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Azure Registered showing in Azure AD Portal

Hi, I'm try to get my PC's to show as Azure joined in the AD Portal. I have "joined" my organization's domain with these PC's by going their Settings, System info, Computer Name, and then join domain. I put in credentials and hit ok and I get a confirmation of welcome to the domain.

After reboot, I get to the desktop and go to Settings, Accounts, Access Work or School, and I see my computer as being joined to xxxx AD Domain. However, in the Azure AD Portal listing devices, all my computers show as only registered. Not joined.

We don't have on premise Active Directory Servers. We migrated from on premise to a total cloud solution. So my ask? Am I joining Azure Active Directory Domain incorrectly? Because I'm perplexed.

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Hi, @Tyler-1130 ,

When you registered your PC with Azure AD following the steps mentioned, did you check the "Join this device to Azure Active Directory", or did you just fill in the field asking for the email?
Please note in the attached documentation that when we are going to register a PC already configured in Azurre AD we have 3 options:
1 - Put the direct email in the requested field: when we perform this action, the PC is registered in Azure AD as a Registered Device.
2 - Further down, in Alternative Actions we have the option "Join this device to Azure Active Directory": This is the correct option that we must select when we want the PC to be registered in Azure AD as Joined Device
3 - The third option is to register the PC in the AD on-premises
Paragraph 3 of the document shows a screen of the correct option for Joined Devices

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Kllin Nunes

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Hi, Kllin Nunes
Thanks for responding. This way that I have joined computer to Active Directories Domains has been pretty straight forward for years. When I do it the way below and get a confirmation, I assumed the computer was joined to the Azure Portal Active Directory Domain Services. I am never prompted to join Azure Active Directory.

Do I have to be enrolled in device management or Azure's Intune? Is that a prerequisite? Everything I have read has alluded to the way that I have joined is sufficient seeing as I get a confirmation status of Connected to xxxxxx AD Domain.

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[2]: /answers/storage/attachments/85859-join-domain.png

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You do not need to be enrolled in Intune for the device to be registered as "Joined", on the contrary, you need to have the device joined in Azure AD as "Joined" to receive some Intune policies.
What version of the operating system are you trying to join? Remember that Windows 10 Home does not support "Joined", only "Registered"
Please remove the domain settings from the device and try to sign in again by following the steps in the article I mentioned earlier.


Kllin Nunes

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