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Is there a full "recipe" for programmatically interacting with AppSource

I am about to submit my Teams app to AppSource for publication and sales.
I know that I need to interact with AppSource from my website.
There is also a requirement for offering a free trial.
I cannot find documentation specific to selling and distributing a Teams app.
How does the free trial work? Does Microsoft send the manifest to the user?
How do I resolve the AAD tenant id with the Teams tenant ID for licensing purposes.
I need a full explanation of the details.

Thank you.

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As we are mainly responsible for Microsoft Teams, AppSource is not in our scope. I will change office-teams-windows-itpro tag to not-supported. Thanks for your understanding.

Meanwhile, you could contact supports for AppSource by this link. It contains two methods. One is to get support in an online store. Another is to get support from the Azure portal.

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