How to get support for Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace

This article explains the different support options for products in Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace.

Get support in an online store

To get support for a product while you're in the AppSource or Azure Marketplace online store, select the support link on the left side of the offer page.

Shows the Support link on a sample offer.

If you haven't yet purchased the product, this takes you to the publisher's support site. If you already deployed the product, you can either use the publishers support site, Microsoft's support portal, or the support options in the relevant portal you use to complete the deployment (such as the Azure portal or Microsoft 365). Each of these portals has its own support menu.

Get support from the Azure portal

To get help with Azure Marketplace through the Azure portal, open a support request in the Help + Support page of the portal. Complete the dropdown fields as follows:

  • Issue type - Subscription management
  • Problem type - Purchase, sign up, or upgrade issues
  • Problem subtype - Unable to make a purchase

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