Windows Hello for Business login - Pin screen behind spinning wheel

Erjen Rijnders 61 Reputation points

We configured Windows Hello for Business hybrid key trust; devices are joined on-premises. On my test laptop everything worked fine. But with the first test user, something strange appeared which I never saw before.
If the user logs in with username/password, the user gets the Windows Hello screen because it's added in Intune in the test group. First you must authenticate yourself with a second factor, after that you get the screen where you must set your Windows Hello Pin. But before you can set the pin, you see a spinning wheel. There is nothing you can do at that point as a user.

We found out that if we press “shift + f10” which opens a command prompt, you can use “alt + tab” and surprisingly the Windows Hello Pin screen was behind the spinning wheel and was never brought at front automatically.
Now if this was for one user only, that wouldn't be a problem, but we tested multiple users and they all have the same problem. We also deployed a brand-new laptop, fully updated, and experienced the same problem.

Did anyone see this before? Any idea how to solve this?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2016
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  1. Søren Hartvig Jensen 21 Reputation points

    UAC (User Account Control). If this is either set lower in your OS by policy, or your users have local admin rights and have lowered UAC themselves, this will cause the issue. Set UAC to the recommended level, reboot, try again.

    Credit: Microsoft Support

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  2. Jeff Gellman 6 Reputation points

    Hello. Just wondering if anyone has a solution for this? I see the PIN screen when I alt-tab however I cannot bring it ahead of the spinning wheel screen. I did not set up the fingerprint reader so just trying t add the WHfB PIN.

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  3. Miles 1,246 Reputation points


    For windows hello related issue, you could ask for help from windows hello community.
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  4. Holmes Networks 6 Reputation points

    I have clients experiencing this exact same issue, did you ever find a resolution??? It's really throwing a monkey wrench into a customized desktop image I have created. This is clearly an MS bug where someone didn't properly set the proper foreground window during the process. MS needs to fix this ASAP. I know we aren't the only one's experiencing this issue. My clients are using Azure AD with Office 365 and there is no way I have found to turn off Windows hello or the PIN settings.

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  5. Dazed74 1 Reputation point

    I'm have this same issue except ALT+Tab doesn't work. Trying to open the Task Manager works, but I still can't get that PIN screen to pop up.

    I rebooted the laptop and logged on as myself. I was able to setup my PIN without any issues, the window came right up. Tried to have the user sign on again and it's same thing.

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