Accessing remote files on local server on windows server 2012

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Hi! I am having issues accessing my remote files on my local server. Here's the scoop.

So I have a server running windows server 2012 (not 2012 R2) and I'm having trouble accessing files on it from other computers. I used to have it connected via wifi (I know, not a good practice with a server but it's all I had at the time) and when it was connected on wifi I could access the files from all my computers on my local network. I have recently ditched the wireless connection and hooked it up with ethernet and now all of my computers except for 1 can connect to the remote drives. My laptop is able to connect just fine and I can connect to the server with remote desktop on any of the computers but only 1 of my computers can connect to the remote drive. All of my computers including the server are on the same network. My main desktop and laptop are on wifi, my other desktop is connected to the router via ethernet. When I try to connect to my remote drives on the computers that can't connect, it just say it was unable to find the location. I have tried pinging the server with command prompt and I am able to ping it. The only thing that has changed was that I hooked the server up with ethernet, I didn't change any network settings or anything. I am at a loss to figure out why only my laptop can connect to the remote location when all my computers are on the same network. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time!

Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012
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  1. Dave Patrick 341.8K Reputation points MVP

    As far as the DNS server goes, all of that is handled by my ISP

    And this is the root of the problem. Public DNS server know nothing of your LAN and cannot do name to address resolution for LAN members, hence the need for local DNS.

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  2. Dave Patrick 341.8K Reputation points MVP

    If you need further assistance I'd suggest starting a case here with product support.

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