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I'm reviewing the SharePoint monitor we have setup in SolarWinds and I just had a question regarding a monitor on Skyline2. I was wondering if you knew anything about cache api trims regarding sharepoint and the impact of that.

I started researching it but, haven't found much yet other than the description for the monitor:
"This component monitor returns the number of cache items that have been removed due to a memory limit being hit, (i.e. they were trimmed). Ideally, this number should be very low or zero. Too many trims may indicate that you need to revisit your caching strategy or manually configure your cache memory limits."

Doe anyone have any recommendation on this and what is the best practice for setting SharePoint 2013 cache API trims on an On Prem server?

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SharePoint Server Management
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  1. MichaelHan-MSFT 18,001 Reputation points

    Hi @Ron Johnson ,

    You could refer to this official docuemntation about cache performance in SharePoint:

    Quote from the article:

    Cache compaction (also known as trimming), happens when a cache becomes full and additional requests for non-cached content are received. During compaction, the system identifies a subset of the contents in the cache to remove, and removes them. Typically these contents are not requested as frequently.

    Compaction can consume a significant portion of the server's resources. This can affect both server performance and the end-user experience. Therefore, compaction should be avoided. You can decrease the occurrence of compaction by increasing the size of the cache. Compaction usually happens if the cache size is decreased. Compaction of the object cache does not consume as many resources as the compaction of the BLOB cache.

    The ideal value of cach API trims should be 0. And you need to increase the cache if the number is high.

    And here is also a nice blog about cache:

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