Windows 10 2021-05 KB5003173 Fails if Edge Uninstalled? errorCode 0x800f0922

Stan Kasper 1,376 Reputation points

Updating a number of Windows 10 20H2 machines. Some fail. Those that fail have Edge uninstalled.
This hasnt happened in the past. It is happening now. It would be nice to apply security updates that work.

  • System
    • Provider
    [ Name] Microsoft-Windows-WindowsUpdateClient
    [ Guid] {945a8954-c147-4acd-923f-40c45405a658} EventID 20 Version 1 Level 2 Task 1 Opcode 13 Keywords 0x8000000000000028
    • TimeCreated
    [ SystemTime] 2021-05-11T17:56:42.6889500Z EventRecordID 5271 Correlation
    • Execution
    [ ProcessID] 704
    [ ThreadID] 512 Channel System Computer DESKTOP-SUTJ1E2
    • Security
    [ UserID] S-1-5-18
  • EventData errorCode 0x800f0922
    updateTitle 2021-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5003173)
    updateGuid {77437520-0c75-4ad8-b8b6-b204e3771ac0}
    updateRevisionNumber 1
    serviceGuid {8b24b027-1dee-babb-9a95-3517dfb9c552}
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  1. Crystal Golias 1 Reputation point

    I had the same problem. I do not want Edge Chromium installed on my computer. But Windows Update will just keep retrying with the same update. I blocked Edge Chromium from installing automatically as well. I agree @Stan Kasper . Edge should be optional, not required. Now my computers won't update at all. I don't even use Chromium browsers, and Edge doesn't work with my school apps anyway. I think I'll wait and let it keep trying until the next update and see if they resolve it. I can only pause Windows Update for 35 days though before it must retry.

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    Hi thanks for helping me

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  3. Brenda LC 1 Reputation point

    Today is Monday October 11th 2021. The problem described here with Win 10 updates not completing and undoing in endless cycles has persisted for me for at least six months. It's been so extremely disruptive I've probably lost at least 50 or 60 hours of work time cumulatively and last time it just shut me down in the middle of actively working even though I have this set to only do updates well outside my active working hours. This most recent occurrence of endless looping lasted four hours. I am keeping my metered connection permanently now and will not attempt updates any further. I have done every troubleshooting step possible including all that's listed here and I am not reinstalling edge, so MS, why do you insist shoving this down everyone's throat? All you're doing is creating more Apple customers. I will never buy a computer with a Windows operating system ever again. Oh, did I mention your updates also corrupted my audio video drivers? Your product is lacking, disappointing, and no longer worth using. RIP MS.

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