SCOM 2016 dashboard view to display resource utilization of all servers

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Hi Guys,

I have been trying for weeks to create a SCOM custom dashboard view to display current CPU%, RAM%, Network%, C drive %, D drive % in one single view. SCOM has the limitation to display only the "Top 20" resource utilization but in my case I have more than 60+ server and all of them needs to be displayed. I was suggested that this could be possible using a PowerShell dashboard and I have done too many research to find a script which could help me based on my requirement but unfortunately could not find any blogs or post which is relevant to my need. Could someone please help me out with my request?

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    Thank you for asking this. For a quick lab test, I've created a dashboard view with two grid columns and add the PowerShell Grid Widget for one of them. And the powershell is something like this.

    $class = Get-SCOMClass -Name Microsoft.Windows.Computer  
    $computers = Get-SCOMClassInstance -Class $class  
    foreach ($computer in $computers)  
        $cpu_usage = (Get-WmiObject -ComputerName $computer -Class win32_processor -ErrorAction silentlycontinue | Measure-Object -Property LoadPercentage -Average | Select-Object Average).Average.ToString()+"%"  

    Note: Get-WmiObject need remote administration permission on target computer. We can set -ErrorAction Stop to see if any errors. If 0x800706BA error appears, check this article:
    Note: the above link is not from MS, just for your reference.

    After that, the output is like this:


    For more information about dashboard scrip widget, we may refer to:

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  1. Nizwan Sultan P N 21 Reputation points

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all your response. I got held up with something else and wasn't able to respond to your suggestions.
    I tried to query the logical disk details using powershell script for sample on operations manager shell and was able to get the data but when using the same script on the SCOM dashboard it does not fetch any details. it keeps loading with no response.

    @AlexZhu-MSFT : Hi Alex.. I found few post of yours which I could relate with my request and thought you might be able to help me on this ?

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