Error Updating from Version 1903 to 2004

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Hello, I have been having severe issues with updating my desktop PC from version 1903 to 2004. Every time that I've tried to force an update to a newer version I am getting an error saying that the May 2020 update is on its way but no action is needed.

I've looked into the programs I have on my computer and nothing was detected that may interfere with a window update. Keep in mind I'm still able to receive updates just not migrate to the newest version. I can't find any more answers on how to fix this and I'm completely out of options.


I've attached the error message as well for anyone to inspect. Am I just stuck on 1903 for the foreseeable future?

Windows 10 Setup
Windows 10 Setup
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  1. Leon Laude 85,131 Reputation points


    You can try the Windows 10 Update Assistant tool to check what it says, it will run prerequisites check and verify if your system meets the prerequisites.
    One common issue is not having sufficient disk space on the OS drive.

    Windows 10 Update Assistant

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  2. Sean Liming 4,141 Reputation points MVP

    It appears update 2004 has some issues and the update is being rolled out a little more slowly:

    You might want to wait.

  3. Jenny Feng 13,721 Reputation points


    We have known the update is blocked is being shown this message. 
    The block is in place because of various compatibility issues with numerous systems and hardware configurations.
    If you’ve received this banner, here is what you can do for Windows Update to show the feature update available notification:

    1. Update your hardware drivers
    2. Disable Core Isolation by going to Settings > Windows Security > Open Windows Security > Devie Security > Core isolation details.
    3. Keep checking Windows 10 2004 release information page for mitigations and resolutions for Known issues.

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  4. coth 1 Reputation point

    Why not to show this message prior to upgrade, not a hour after when it reaches 100%?

  5. Robert Hind 1 Reputation point

    Hi everyone. I'm in almost the same boat; I'll explain by copying my post to another forum...

    "Thanks for this info. Unfortunately for me it is a bit too late ! After an overnight, auto update of Windows 10 some days ago, I was greeted with a BSOD and the error message "Critical Path Died". After a few attempts to restart Win10 I was getting nowhere so, secure in the knowledge I had full back-ups of all my important files, I launched the nuclear option and did a re-install of Windows.
    Success, in that Windows runs; failure because now I have winver 1511 and my "PC settings aren’t supported yet" ! I always find it encouraging when a fix makes matters worse... ;-)
    In Microsoft Store all the programs are greyed out because my machine is not good enough to run them - even though they were installed and running before the update !
    Come on, guys. You're driving me to Linux !!!"

    Unfortunately this is not the first time an update has caused problems with my machine which is a fairly standard HP laptop. Normally it is fairly simple to find the reason - I am an expert on Clean Boot - but this time I can't find a way out...

    Looking forward to some good news via Update Central !!