I have lost my phone with authenticator app on it

Rj Musawir Shah 51 Reputation points

I have lost my phone with the authenticator app on it. Now I have a new phone but I can not access to IG, FB, Outlook because it ask me the autentication code.

Please let me know if you know what I can do


Microsoft Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
A Microsoft app for iOS and Android devices that enables authentication with two-factor verification, phone sign-in, and code generation.
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  1. Gord H 11 Reputation points

    Useless answer James. As others above have stated there is NO option to remove devices as you state as there is no such option

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  2. Lepley, Ben - (lepley) 6 Reputation points

    JAMES, come-on, you guys need to think a little more critically! There needs to be a government accountability office that can enforce this bad behavior, peoples lives are being ruined by your incompetency.

    My phone is completely bricked and had the authenticator app on it.
    Logging in asks me for another email nd cellphone (both fine, as I got a replacement phone working)
    After I reset my password, it asks me AGAIN for the authenticator app!

    FIX THIS F*&)(^)&*^ING BUG!

    Cant get into bank account, cant pay employees, can't pay medical bills! You guys are going to get a class-action lawsuit!

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  3. Dave Patrick 426.3K Reputation points MVP

    Try restoring a backup.

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  4. Aaron Hobley 1 Reputation point

    I like to say the same, Useless answer James. As others above have stated there is NO option to remove devices as you state as there is no such option.

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