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zvtt 16 Reputation points

Hey folks, I've seen win11 has listed a quite generic processor requirement (dual core 1ghz+ or so), but on my laptop that runs a intel 6700hq processor, I cannot pass the windows computer health check tool for upgrading to win 11. It shows my laptop doesn't meet the minimum requirement.

All other things such as TPM, graphics driver, ram, rom are satisfied and the only possibllity is for processor. I checked microsoft's website and surprisingly found this documentation


Does this mean microsoft is not supporting 7th gen intel processor or earlier and thus my computer doesn't meet the requirement, or is it simply microsoft hasn't finish testing the other processors and therefore I just need to wait?

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  1. Mohammad Amin Takroosta 1 Reputation point

    My laptop is very powerful. But, my Intel Core i7-6700HQ @2.60GHz CPU is not supported :\

    I wish we had a schedule for these CPUs being supported.

  2. Zeenat Anjum 1 Reputation point

    Hello.. I want to upgrade my windows 10 to windows 11.. My device meets all the requirements to get windows 11 but my processor is not compatible. Is there any date when ms will allow all the processors to switch to windows 11?

  3. Docs 13,091 Reputation points


    There is no date for this to happen.

    The change from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is to make major improvements in each: performance, security, and reliability



    Most computers can upgrade to Windows 11 by modifying the registry and files so that unsupported parameters are not detected by the Windows update assistant.

    Alternatively most computers can clean install Windows 11 after backing up important files.

    There is no supported/unsupported parameter check during a clean install like there is with the windows update assistant.

    Many websites have reported the successful installation of Windows 11 on very old computers.

    These include desktops, laptops, and tablets.


  4. gr777 1 Reputation point

    PC Health Check indicates
    The processor is not currently supported for Windows 11
    Processor: AMD A9-9425 RADEON R5, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+36

    This PC will not run Windows 11
    Your PC does not currently meet the needed requirements. You can continue to get Windows 10 updates, or you can shop for a new Windows 10 PC that does meet the requirements.

    My HP laptop is just over a year old :(

  5. thispsj 1 Reputation point

    Hi @zvtt ,

    You can find the list of all Windows supported CPUs here. Specifically talking about Windows 11 supported CPUs the links are as follows: AMD,Intel,Qualcomm.

    As per my information this list of supported Intel CPUs for Windows 11 started with 8th Gen processors and later on after much protest and receiving feedback from insiders, some 7th Gen Intel CPUs were added to this list. As you have stated that your processor is Intel i7-6700HQ, please note that it is a 6th Gen processor according to Intel's site and currently Microsoft has no plans to support anything beyond some 7th Gen Intel CPUs.

    According to Microsoft, it believes that the older CPUs may not end up running Windows 11 properly and thus it has currently no plans to extend this list to old gen CPUs.

    You can still install Windows 11 on an unsupported computer by grabbing an ISO from here and performing a clean install. (This is the unofficially supported way as there is no guarantee from Microsoft that Windows 11 will run smoothly after installation but the installer will not block an installation on an PC just because of the fact that it has an older CPU. The installation maybe blocked due to other unsupported features.)

    Note: The term Older CPU is used to denote CPUs not featured in the Windows 11 Supported CPUs list. It does not mean in any way that the unlisted CPUs are really old.

    P Jain.