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Hi All,

I'm having issue in using the Universal Print in Azure. Wonder if anyone can help me with my case.
Current Setup

  • Universal Print Connector is installed and visible in Azure Portal
  • Printer are registered and visible in Azure Portal
  • Printer are shared to specific users who are on M365 License
  • Printer are added to specific users defined above.

However, when I test to print, it just return me Error - Printing. And no job are visible in Azure Portal

Trying to find more info about the error, but can't find any logging anywhere.
Tried the method below:

  • Enable the PrintService logging in Event Viewer, but no error event. Only success job print being sent
  • Confirm that the workstation able to reach **print.print.microsoft.com (Ping reply, Checked with Fiddler and able to see the HTTP result 200 to print.microsoft.com)

Anyone know where else can I go from here? Thanks!
I have a feeling that the issue reside between the workstation <-> azure. But not sure where to locate this.

PS: Sorry for the wrong tagging, I just can't post the question with the tagging "azure", "print"

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Windows Server Printing
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