Using an image as signature in outlook ios

Ericka B 21 Reputation points

Hello all!

Is there a way to add an image on outlook for iOS as my signature? I have a signature that I created in Canva that I use for my work e-mail but can't figure out how to use this on the iOS outlook app.


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  1. Erik Zandboer 6 Reputation points

    Any update on this? Have been getting the same result (image shows ok in the signature but after closing and reopening I see a square where the image should be). However it works if I directly copy the signature with image into a new email. I also tried to use html in the signature to no avail.

    It is remarkable that something like this has not worked for such a long time and apparently still doesn't. This is a Microsoft app and with that I feel Microsoft should be the one to support this question which has no easy answer (and possibly needs a fix).

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  2. vimaxus 6 Reputation points

    It apparently uploads the image. It worked for a short while then it disappeared.

    Looking at the html from an email it looks like this:

    obviously no way to edit the "raw" html in the signature, nor the reference.

    I was kind of hoping that if I copy-paste an image that was already a web reference, not an attachment it would keep it but no (..sigh..). That is probably an apple issue as it's their way to handle the clipboard.

    It seems so basic and I don't see how it doesn't interest most users.

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  3. Max Fury 151 Reputation points

    First of all, you have to change the size of the image you want to use, edit it in an image editing program so that it is exactly the dimensions you want to use in your signature.

    1. In the Outlook click the Signature button in the Include group on the Message tab.
    2. Press to the Signatures item in the drop-down list.
    3. In the Signature & Stationery dialog box, select a signature and add a logo or picture in the choose signature to edit box.
    4. In the Edit Signature section, position the tab where you want to insert a logo or picture.
    5. Click the Image button. In the Insert Picture dialog box, select the logo or picture you want to insert and click the Insert button.
    6. After you hit the Insert button, you will see the logo or image inserted into the signature.
    7. In the Signature and Stationery dialog box, hit on the OK button.

    With the help of these steps you can easily get your solution. So, i hope it will good to resolve your issue.

  4. William stonier 1 Reputation point

    Hi, don’t know if this has been resolved yet. I found the easiest way to do it would be to send yourself an email with the image you would like as your signature, as you would from your desktop.
    Then copy this image and paste it into the signature box on the IOS outlook app.
    Settings > signature > (email account)
    This worked for me currently they don’t seem to have an option to import images as they do on PC.
    Hope this helps

  5. Andreas Kurniawan 1 Reputation point

    it works if you copy paste from your email into signature box. but once you close the outlook app and reopened. the image is gone, it will be only the transparent image box

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