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Chaitanya Kiran 616 Reputation points

Good Morning,

Previous DBA created some AD Groups as logins. He added this to some roles. I want to know what permissions the AD Group logins have?

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  1. cthivierge 3,981 Reputation points

    You may have to look in SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the instance.
    Look in Security/Logins. Open the group and look in Server Roles and User Mapping

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  2. Erland Sommarskog 78,026 Reputation points MVP

    You can use sys.database_principals and sys.database_role_members to find out the role membership.

    You can use sys.database_permissions to see what permission that have been granted to a certain principal, for instance:

       SELECT perm.*  
       FROM   sys.database_permissions perm  
       JOIN     sys.database_principals dp ON perm.grantee_principal_id = dp.principal_id  
       WHERE = 'rolename'  

    Since a Windows login can be member of many AD groups, it can be quite a bit of work to list the exact permissions for a login. A different approach is to use sys.fm_my_permissions():

       SELECT DISTINCT + '.' +, p.permission_name  
       FROM  sys.objects o  
       JOIN  sys.schemas s ON o.schema_id = s.schema_id  
       CROSS APPLY sys.fn_my_permissions( + '.' +, 'OBJECT') p  

    And then you need to run similar queries for other securable classes to get the full story.

  3. Seeya Xi-MSFT 16,246 Reputation points

    Hi @Chaitanya Kiran ,

    Erland uses several key DMVs which works well, so you can try it.
    All you need to do is execute it and check the output.
    In a UI view of the way, here are the screenshots.

    Best regards,

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