Azure runbook restart during execution

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I have a runbook to read all site collections from multi geolocation and get sca. There are more than 200000 site collection which needs to be processed. I am calling a child runbook from the partent runbook to get SCAs in batch of 500 site collections each. There should be around 450~500 child runbook jobs created during the excution of parent runbook.

While I am executing the parent runbook, it is getting restarted from the begning during its execution. The total duration of execution of parent runbook in only 30 mins.

Can anyone will help me in understaning why the parent runbook execution is getting resatrted from the begning in between? Does a fair share limit has to do with the restart of parent runbook?



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    Hi anonymous user,

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A! Thanks for posting the question.

    Apologies for the delayed response. The runbook can restart due to several reasons and some of the common reasons are available below:

    1. Fair share limitation, depending on the type of runbook. If you are running into this issue, it is recommended to use "Hybrid Runbook Worker".
    2. The sandbox executing this job reached its limitation, which is available here.
    3. The job execution crashed due to unhandled exception/error (which might even be transient or short lived).

    Here are some of the recommendations that would help you investigate the error and design the Automation solution to overcome such issues:

    1. Please evaluate the solution with respect to involved task and chose the recommended Runbook Execution Environment as available in table here.
    2. Whenever you see the runbook job getting failed/restarted, please review the "Job Status" to gain more insights of the failure.
    3. Examine the activity logs in for the Automation account to get more details of such failure/restarts.
    4. This link has some of the recommended measures to follow, to get a resilient automation workflow.
    5. Refer to this link for additional guidance on troubleshooting runbook issues. In case you are still facing issues with your runbook, you may also contact us with the details as available here.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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