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I have sent emails that only show my responses. The person I sent to, their replies do not show up only mine. It's like they disappeared or are blocked. How is this possible? How can resolve this? It seems they have purposely blocked their response "after" I opened it.

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Hi @GaleHoltz-3930,

In order to further confirm your issue, please provide us with more detailed information:

  • Are you working with Outlook desktop client? If so, what's the specific version of your client(File>Office account>About Outlook)?

  • What's the specific meaning of the response(response to meeting, reply history to message or others)?

  • If you just couldn't find the meeting response messages form others, have you checked the Deleted item folder and search them by the subject in Outlook?

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Hi @GaleHoltz-3930,

Are you still researching for this issue?

If so , in order to further confirm your issue and provide you with more targeted suggestions, please provide us with more information about it.

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