Which Azure Technology is best for Data warehousing?

Amar Agnihotri 921 Reputation points

Hi !
I am new to azure . I have a couple of softwares running and I want to store that data in Azure because I am not using any data warehouse right now. My requirement is to store data coming from two different sources in Azure but I Don't know which technology of Azure should I go with . The data size is not very large max of 20-30 Tables . I want to store data in azure and want to perform transformation to get some data sets ready that could be used for analysis using power bi. I am not able to understand which technology of azure would be good in terms of robustness, scalability and performance wise to complete the above requirements. I also Don't want to go with very high budget and very high license cost for future requirements. Can anybody please suggest the azure technologies for the above requirement and the differences between them . May be I am not versed enough to explain my requirement completely but it would be great if anyone could suggest anyhow



Azure SQL Database
Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Synapse Analytics
An Azure analytics service that brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics. Previously known as Azure SQL Data Warehouse.
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  1. Martin Cairney 2,246 Reputation points

    Hey Anurag

    If you have very low volume requirements that will eventually always be surfaced in Power BI, then there is no real need to use anything else but Power BI.

    Provided that you can connect to your data sources then you can import the data and model it within the Power BI workspace to get your final model ready.

    The next level up may be to use Data Factory and a SQL Database to import the data to and then connect your Power BI model to the database.

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  2. Amar Agnihotri 921 Reputation points

    Hey @Martin Cairney ,

    First of all thanks for the reply. Actually currently we have two sources from which we want to import data to azure. One is Salesforce and the second is OpenAir. From salesforce we take daily backup using OwnBackup tool and we can create an endpoint in OwnBackup to export that backup to Azure Mysql Database. In case of Open Air, neither we can make direct connection to OpenAir in Power Bi nor we connect it directly to Azure. We have to do some kind of automation to export backup from OpenAir and import it into Azure. Yes, you are right that currently we can use Power Bi features for now but i am looking for the coming years because our organization is growing , acquisitions are taking place and that's how the data is growing rapidly. Moreover, we can use a lot of more software in future. So, I want a centralized repository of Transformed and well managed data and i want to go with azure. Since i am new to azure so i am unable to decide which technology should i go with. My clear requirements are -

    1-Want to create a centralized repository in Azure for the data coming from different sources
    2- Want to perform ETL and automation for data importing and transformation
    3- Will prepare a data sets in azure after proper ETL and then will use that data set in Power Bi for reporting and analysing.
    4- Technology should be efficient , robust, scalable and faster in execution.
    5- Also the cost should be out of my hands

    Hope you understand my requirement. Now I am looking forward to you for the best suggestion.
    It would be great if you could give the comparative suggestion of different options in terms of cost and features and scalability.

    Keeping in mind that i don't know what Datalake, databricks and Azure Data Factory are.