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TripActions O365 SSO implementation

Hello guys,

I'm trying to follow this tutorial:

When I go to the Manage > Single Sign-On menu, this is what I get:

The single sign-on configuration is not available for this application in the Enterprise applications experience. TripActions is a multi-tenant application and the application is owned by another tenant.
To change properties such as the reply URL and identifiers, contact the owner of the application.
To customize token claims, see How to: customize token claims emitted in tokens for a specific app in a tenant.
To learn more about what properties you can modify in Enterprise applications and App registrations, see Application and service principal objects in Azure Active Directory.

My main question is if SSO to TripActions is still available through another way? Or if SSO for O365 in TripActions will come back.

Thank you for your time,
Jose Vacacela

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Hello Jose,

Thanks for reaching out and apologies for delayed response.

Only way that I am aware of adding through Azure AD Enterprise gallery and these are official Docs from TripActions and Microsoft:

Could you please confirm, how did you add TripAction application in AzureAD initially? If you added application from Azure AD Enterprise application gallery as shown below then you should be getting SSO setting meanwhile I would request you to try adding sample app entry from gallery and see if you get SSO option?


What might have happened:
Probably above App entry might have not added through AAD Gallery instead added as Multi-Tenant App. To understand more about Multi-Tenant App and how service principal reference created in tenant, refer

Hope this helps.

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Hi Sikumars,

I proceeded as advised. I deleted the previous TripActions app, added the new one, and deleted the previous one. However, the connection did not work, while employees who had access to TripActions were able to access the app, new employees receive an error message in TripActions: "Forbidden: User not found --------." I checked the "sign-in logs" and it was empty.

Today I tried troubleshooting it again, but when I checked the Enterprise Application, the previous "TripActions" app that was deleted the day before appeared. All of the "Sign in Logs" of yesterday's troubleshooting was there.


My guess is that somehow, the connection between the app and TripActions did not occur, but I do not understand why another TripActions app was generated by Azure.

Thank you for your help,
Jose Vacacela

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