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Cannot admin classic VM


This is a bit troublesome. I have a Win Srv 2008 in Azure that has been running for ages (long before the ARM era), reading and providing some web services. I have no plan to upgrade the functionallity itself but have no problem to move the VM to another "container". (Actually I also have a NT4 server running as a VM on an Intel Stick. If it works, don't touch it ;) but that is another topic...).
The thing is - I cannot reach my 2008 in the Azure admin center. The cloud service in which it was created is there, but when I click the server SRV1 I get an error that the resource is not to be found (see img). The server IS up'n'running (and can be reached by e.g. RDP) but I am worried if the servers has to be shut down. How can I then restart it if I cannot administer the server?
And as I said - moving the VM to ARM is no problem, but how do I do it when Azure prevents me to fiddle around with the VM?

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@StaffanWilln-5044 There are a few things that can cause this, but the most obvious is to make sure that you are added as a classic administrator to the subscription. Even if you are listed as an owner for the subscription, you might need to add yourself as a classic administrator.

If that does not work, see if you can see the resource using azure classic powershell. If the resource does not show up, it is likely in a different subscription / resource group.

If you need additional help, please let me know.

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Thank you @TravisCragg-MSFT for the suggestions. Here is what I did: To begin with - I was already listed as Classic Administrator.

Above is the list of VMs in my subscription. I actually have four: SRV1, which is classic, isn't in the list but two other classic VMs are. And they can be managed perfectly in the GUI.

The output from Get-AzureVM shows SRV1. Strange.

Some additional observations:

The VM "CIV" above was built pretty much under the same period as SRV1. CIV has it's cloud service "hampzor", both resources in RG "hampzor". This package works with no problem.

Regarding SRV1, I can se the RG "sekia" and in that RG, only the Cloud Service is listed (also named "sekia"). SRV1 isn't listed! When I click the Cloud Service "sekia" I can see SRV1 but when I click on it, I get that error message "resource not found"

What else can be done to fix this? I gratefully look forward to any tips :)

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@StaffanWilln-5044 Can you view the resource group 'sekia' in the portal, and view other resources in that resource group?

If so, this is an issue with your subscription / portal and your next steps will be to follow up with support. If you do not have a support plan, please let me know.

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Hi @TravisCragg-MSFT, thanks again!
Yes I can view the resource group "sekia" as shown in the fourth (last) img in my reply. The only resource that is in there is the Cloud Service related to SRV1. When opening the CS, I see SRV1 listed (see below) and when I click on that, I get the infamous error message. I hesitate to file a ticket as it is associated with costs, and I think I have done nothing wrong in this case. Merely a thought...


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To be clear, I do not have a support plan.

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