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Outlook Calendar permission issue


we have a curious issue where suddenly users can't see the content of other users calendar in Outlook. The calendars are empty and at the top it shows "No Connection".

Unfortunately we can't pinpoint the moment this issue occurred. No permission where changed and no major updates where installed.

We are using Exchange 15.2.922.13 with Office Pro Plus 2019 1808 (10378.20029).
The calendars where perfectly accessible with the permissions "Free/Busy time" and "Free/Busy time, subject, location". Now they can only be accessed with "Reviewer" or higher. The permissions are set through the "default" entry.
The curious part is that the access with "Free/Busy time" is possible through OWA.

We have tried several computer (with and without cache mode) and Outlook /safe. Only a change in permissions works.
Also it's not quite a solution since we want to grant users the option to add sensitive information to appointments.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hi @TillWiblishauser-3182 ,

Welcome to our forum!

Does this issue happen to all users? If it is some specific users, please check if there're any differences from other users' client.
And I noticed that this issue occurred suddenly. Do you have any special operations before this, such as the installed third party programs, etc?

Considering the impact of the opened calendar itself, it is recommended that you try to delete and re add the user's calendar to check if it can be displayed normally.

And through my research and search, I found that many user agree that "going to the Send/Recive Tab, clicking work offline, clicking work offline again, it prompted me for a password, i entered my password and then the free/busy information came thru once it reconnected" when the similar issue occurs. Please refer to BillStudebaker's answer in this theard: Shared calendar "No connection" error.

In addition, some users mentioned in some theards that “icloud for Outlook” add-in may affect this. Please try to check your add-ins(File > Options > Add-ins>Select Manage COM Add-ins, click GO). If it does exist, please unselect it to check if there're any differeces.

If the above doesn't work, considering the data file or the profile itself damaged, it’s suggested that you could try to create a new profile(control panel>mail>show profile>add) and add the account for testing to check if there are some differences.

Hope the above help.

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Hi @TillWiblishauser-3182 ,

Just checking in to see if above information was helpful. If you have any further updates on this issue, please feel free to post back. If you think my reply is helpful to you, please remember to mark it as an answer. Warm thanks.

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I appreciate the answer.
To answer all your suggestions in order:

The issue happens to all users.
As I said, I unfortunately do not know when exactly the occurred but there where no updates, patches or programmes installed in between the issue occurring.

I tried deleting and adding various calendar. Including restarting Outlook and waiting up to 30 Minutes in between.

I don't have the option to "work offline" in Outlook since I don't use the cache modus. Though I tried it with the cache modus enabled which also didn't work.

We don't use "icloud for Outlook" and the add-in is not part of our Outlook. Also I started Outlook in safe mode, which should disable all add-ins.

In all my testings I deleted and recreated the profile in Outlook multiple times. I even created a whole new AD user, just in case there was an issue with mine.
Everything without success.

Do you have any other suggestion for what could be the problem?

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Hi @TillWiblishauser-3182 ,

Thanks for your reply and clear explanation!

When the permission of the calendar is "Free/Busy time" and "Free/Busy time, subject, location", please try to create a meeting and check if the status of the Scheduling Assistant can be displayed correct.

Considering that there have been a lot of troubleshooting for outlook clients, and this issue occurs to all users in your organization, the issue may be more related to something other than Outlook client.

In order to check if the issue is related to the AutoDiscover service, please try to Test Email AutoConfiguration(ctrl+right click the Outlook icon) and only check AutoDiscover to see if there're any error.

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