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Outlook 2016 - Flagged for User is flagging for recipient

This is happening with an O365 server and Outlook 2016 Version 2109 Build (14430.20234)

I have a user whose Flags are not setting as intended. When she is composing an email, she will set a Flag for herself via Follow Up\Add Reminder and chooses Flag for Me. But when she sends the email sometimes the Flag gets set for the recipients. This is an intermittent issue but I've been unable to find a pattern nor reproduce on my system running 2016 ver 2110 (Build 14527.20234)

I've wiped out her OST. I've wiped out her entire Mail profile. I've uninstalled/reinstalled Office 2016. I even wiped out her entire Windows profile and created a new on. No change. In researching this issue, I have found 2 instances of this happening with no solutions. I once took her out of Cached Mode which slowed down her productivity so thoroughly she elected to go back into Cached Mode even if it resolved her issue. Unclear if being out of Cached Mode resolved her issue since it was only half a day.

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Hi @helpfullore-5005 ,

Welcome to our forum!

Dose this issue occur with other users who are using Outlook 2016 Version 2109 Build (14430.20234)?

According to your description, I noticed that you didn’t reproduce it on your Outlook 2016 version 2110 (Build 14527.20234), the newest version. And you can upgrade the user's outlook client to the latest version to check whether the problem exists. Do you have any concerns about not doing so?

In addition, I found an known issue which is similar to your issue: Follow up flag status is incorrectly displayed in sent messages, please check if it is your case.

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Hi Christy,

Yesterday my user updated to the latest Outlook version and the issue is still happening. She is the only person this is happening to company wide.

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Yes, that link does sound like my problem, but there is no Solution, so I'm not sure what use it is.

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Hi @helpfullore-5005 ,

Thanks for your reply!

According to your description, I also think your problem is similar to this known problem. For this issue only happens to the same user, do you or other users done the same operation steps when trying to reprodued the issue? Or if the user performs the steps in the scene mentioned in the known issue, is the result consistent with the result in the known issue?

If it is indeed a known problem, we need to wait for the investigation results and solutions. Please continue to pay attention to the update of this official document. And I will also pay attention to this and post here when I see the update of this document.

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