Webex Application Provisioning

I'm using a webex application on azure AD.

I would like to check the synchronization interval when provisioning is performed in the webex application.

The normal provisioning interval is every 40 minutes.

If provisioning fails, what is the retry interval?

The retry interval looks unusual when provisioning is not possible because the user you want to provision exists in another webex tenant.

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  1. Danny Zollner 5,911 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    The backoff between retries when an object is failing is an exponential backoff. The exact intervals between retries is not publicly documented and may change over time. The idea is that if something is repeatedly failing, it is likely to continue failing, and retrying less frequently allows the provisioning service to not waste time and resources (for both Azure AD and the SCIM service on the other side).

    If you believe a problem leading to these failures has been resolved, you can either restart the provisioning job which will clear the backoff time for all objects and force them to be retried during that next cycle, or you can use the "Provision on Demand" feature to force one or more objects to be provisioned right then.

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  2. Siva-kumar-selvaraj 15,116 Reputation points

    Hello @株式会社IIJグローバルソリューションズ ソリューション&サービス・テクノロジー ,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    An internalError or timeout occurred within the Azure AD provisioning service. There is nothing to do. This attempt will automatically be retried in every 40 minutes, reference.

    Similarly when using automatic user provisioning with an application, Azure AD automatically provisions and updates user accounts in an app based on things like user and group assignment at a regularly scheduled time interval, typically every 40 minutes.

    The time it takes for a given user to be provisioned depends mainly on whether your provisioning job is running an initial cycle or an incremental cycle.

    • For initial cycle, the job time depends on many factors, including the number of users and groups in scope for provisioning, and the total number of users and group in the source system. The first sync between Azure AD and an app can take anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours, depending on the size of the Azure AD directory and the number of users in scope for provisioning. A comprehensive list of factors that affect initial cycle performance are summarized later in this section.
    • For incremental cycles after the initial cycle, job times tend to be faster (e.g. within 10 minutes), as the provisioning service stores watermarks that represent the state of both systems after the initial cycle, improving performance of subsequent syncs. The job time depends on the number of changes detected in that provisioning cycle. If there are fewer than 5,000 user or group membership changes, the job can finish within a single incremental provisioning cycle.

    To learn more about synchronization times for common provisioning scenarios, refer this article

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