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Good morning,
I'm back with another noob question about Outlook.
I have a team (10 ppl) working with one calendar (let's say boss@team-truc.com).
The calendar is on full delegated for everyone and anyone can add a meeting.
The thing is working fine, no problem just one small detail. When "Bob" add a meeting to the share calendar, we can read bottom right "Last modified by : Bob", great.

But after a few minutes the text change and always set to "Last modified by : Boss at (creation time + 2 or 3 or ... 5 minutes).
If anyone edit the meeting then is take the new name and don't return to boss anymore (expect if boss really make a modification).

The first time "boss" modify the meeting is always low and random. I was connected myself to 3 accounts (included the boss) and I was completely idle on his account but it really change so I don't understand what happen.
Any idea?


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  1. Kael Yao-MSFT 36,521 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi Franck.

    I would like to first confirm with you:

    1. According to the information, are you using Exchange Online (Microsoft 365)?
    2. Is boss@team-truc.com a shared mailbox or a normal user mailbox? To me it seems to be a normal user mailbox which shares the calendar with others.
    3. What is the detailed permission setting of the calendar folder? For example, did you assign Owner or Editor?

    I tested in my lab and found that if someone sends response to the newly created meeting, the "last modified by ..." part should be changed to this user.
    Would it be possible that Boss sends response to these meetings after they are created?

    If not, does the Organizer of the meeting show the correct user?

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  2. Franck 196 Reputation points

    Good morning, sorry got terribly busy...

    1 : Yes we are using Office365.
    2 : All users have only normal mailboxes, on shared mailbox.
    3 : In the options, the calendar is share with option : delegate for all users in my organization.

    We anyone create a meeting it display the correct user for a few minutes, then even if the leader didn't change anything (I am the only one only - 23:00) and with 3 accounts in different RDP connection including the boss, the "last modified" change with the name of the boss even if I didn't touch anything (no reply, not even opening anything with his account/session).