Azure App Service with vnet integration

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Just reaching out for some help, I currently have an App Service which has been previously built in such a way that the API has the ability to switch backend data sources based on a region header we specify e.g AU or US, depending on that header it will attempt to access a storage account in the US or in AU and this is all working fine. What I am trying to do now is integrate the App Service with a vnet so I can keep the storage accounts private and only accessible through the App service, the issue I'm facing and this is probably down to my knowledge and under standing is is that possible to do ? I'm finding at the moment I can only configure 1 vnet so, it's one or the other working, so my question is this possible to do through vnet integration ?

Do I need to configure vnet peering is it ? So that the vnet the app service is integrated with is peered to the other vnet.

So for example so I have the App service integrated with the vnet in the AU and then I have configured the storage account and it all works ok, do I need peer this vnet with the US vnet is that how it works ?


Azure App Service
Azure App Service
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  1. Alan Kinane 16,796 Reputation points MVP

    Yes, if you peer your VNETs then the web app can access resources peered to its integrated VNET including private endpoints connected to those VNETs.