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Shahin Mortazave 456 Reputation points

Hi guy's,

We want to setup Hybrid Joined Azure AD for our on-prem joined devices.
I have 2 questions regarding after setting up the hybrid Azure AD:

  1. does existing on-prem joined devices will also automatically joined to the Azure AD? or automatic join works only when joining a new device to on-prem AD?
  2. can we only join selected devices to the azure ad after the hybrid azure ad is setup? we want to run some test first.


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  1. answered 2021-11-26T16:40:17.167+00:00
    Siva-kumar-selvaraj 15,086 Reputation points

    Hello @Shahin Mortazave ,

    When all prerequisites are met, windows devices will automatically register as devices in your Azure AD tenant. . Therefore, if you desire to test it for group of devices prior to activating it across the entire organization, you may use the "Controlled validation of hybrid Azure AD join" technique, which is outlined here.

    I hope this was helpful.

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  2. answered 2021-11-26T14:19:09.667+00:00
    Alan Kinane 16,501 Reputation points Microsoft MVP
    1. If all of the pre-requisites are in place then yes the devices will automatically sync to Azure AD through Azure AD connect so you would need to plan for this. See the implementation guide here for those pre-requisite requirements.
    2. Yes, see this article for a controlled validation process:
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  3. answered 2021-11-26T15:35:12.607+00:00
    Shahin Mortazave 456 Reputation points

    @Alan Kinane Thanks for your reply,
    So if I understand correctly the already domain Joined PC's if match the pre-requisites will be joined to Azure AD automatically, what is unclear to me if the part of not joining all of the on-prem pc's at the same time to the Azure AD!
    Can we do this only by adding the group of users that can join their PC to azure ad to Devices | Device settings or we have to also remove the SCP and add those registries via group policy to machine that we want to be joined to the Azure AD? or it must be a combination of the two?


  4. answered 2021-11-30T11:42:36.047+00:00
    Shahin Mortazave 456 Reputation points

    @sikumars-msft Thanks for your update,

    3 questions,

    1. should we add the registry keys to the PC that we want to add to azure ad with hybrid azure ad, is this correct?
    2. should we remove the SCP from on-prem AD before or after we configure the Hybrid Azure AD on our on-prem AAD. also there are not any negative effect when removing the SCP, correct?
    3. when the hybrid azure ad is enabled for all devices, what would happens to server 2016 and server 2019 server? does these also get registered with azure ad aw well?


  5. answered 2022-08-24T19:04:18.897+00:00
    Marios Christodoulou 1 Reputation point
    1. Yes computers will automatically try to hybrid join once you enable it AD Connect. And each time a computers boot up will try to ad hybrid join.

    To manually join a computer you can run the command: dsregcmd /join /debug .

    To check status run :dsregcmd /status .

    The computer will need to be in the Azure Active Directory devices to be able to hybrid join. So you must sync devices and filter them out in AD Connect.

    1. One way of doing it is to sync a selected set of devices though OU filtering in AD Connect.


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