Azure AD or Azure AD B2C Redirection URL for multiple subdomains

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We have a client who runs a single tenant SaaS and all the tenants are subdomains. They need to configure their Azure app registrations individually for each tenant (,, etc.). They are looking to get a wildcard redirect to redirect clients to their client specific sub-domain. This is obviously not supported in AAD / AAD B2C (apparently supported in Auth0 which the client previously used and were a bit unhappy to find this). We are exploring other solutions which might not be as onerous.

We were thinking of using a state parameter or Azure front door to help with this issue but thought we would see if any of the experts here would know of a smarter way of doing it?

Microsoft Entra External ID
Microsoft Entra External ID
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Microsoft Entra ID
Microsoft Entra ID
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    Hi @Sayan Ghosh • Thank you for reaching out.

    When the application is registered using one of the below-highlighted options, the reply URL can be set with * (wildcard character) via the App Manifest.


    For this purpose, you need to navigate to Azure Active Directory > App Registrations > Search your app and click on Manifest > Update the reply URL as highlighted below:


    You can then go to the Authentication blade of the application to confirm the reply URL is updated with the wildcard, as highlighted below:


    Note: Wildcard URIs like https://* may seem convenient, but should be avoided due to security implications. According to the OAuth 2.0 specification (section 3.1.2 of RFC 6749), a redirection endpoint URI must be an absolute URI.


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  1. Sankalp Abhale 0 Reputation points

    I have similar kind of problem. Our multitenant application has URLs like

    1. {domain-name}/axera/{tenant-name1}
    2. {domain-name}/axera/{tenant-name2}

    so I tried to configure it like {domain-name}/axera/* but its saying like below Failed to update axera ERP application. Error detail: One or more of your reply urls is not valid. [6w5VtmotNt3Kue/9X356XB].  Can you help me how to register this kind of urls in application?

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