Unable to create Eventgrid System Topic For Azure Maps geofencing event

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I tried to follow this guide but I can not create the Azure map event, the error is:

"properties": {    
        "statusCode": "BadRequest",  
        "serviceRequestId": "55c90d78-deeb-4326-bdc8-c24d9acd7b8b",  
        "statusMessage": "{\"error\":{\"code\":\"InvalidRequest\",\"message\":\"System topic's location must match with location of the source resource /subscriptions/73a8853c-4612-48c4-a476-f04e5c029cbd/resourceGroups/rg-quuppa-demo-wus2-dev/providers/Microsoft.Maps/accounts/maps-quuppa-demo.\"}}",  
        "eventCategory": "Administrative",  
        "entity": "/subscriptions/73a8853c-4612-48c4-a476-f04e5c029cbd/resourceGroups/rg-quuppa-demo-wus2-dev/providers/Microsoft.EventGrid/systemTopics/topic-quuppa-demo-geofencing",  
        "message": "Microsoft.EventGrid/systemTopics/write",  
        "hierarchy": "b105310d-dc1a-4d6e-bf0d-b11c10c47b0f/73a8853c-4612-48c4-a476-f04e5c029cbd"  

But as far as I understand this page we can not select location of system topics, they are assigned by the system. So how can I create the system topic to have my geofencing events published?


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  1. António Sérgio Azevedo 7,661 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Olivier G ,

    I was able to successfully create Eventgrid System Topic For Azure Maps geofencing event, though I did some different steps than ones documented (I will do a Pull Request to enhance the doc after you confirm it works for you :) ).

    1) When we create the Event Subscription on Azure Maps using Web Hook Endpoint Type you will notice that it will be waiting for the webhook to be validated:


    This related thread in StackOverflow helped me understand it: Not able to add webhook subscription to the Azure Event Grid - Stack Overflow

    In order to validate the Webhook, I went to Logic App Workflow and checked the Run History:


    Opened the workflow and copied the validationUrl in the output and then called it on PostMan with POST HTTP method:



    Then the Event Subscription is successfully configured:


    2) As per the Event Grid System Topic location, it should be showing as Global


    I made sure that Azure Maps didn't have any Event Grid System Topic associated with it, before I created my first Event Subscription. When created in the Azure Maps Resource, it will create it as Global... Make sure System Topic Name is empy:


    Let me know if you have further questions?


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