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Alexandro Cunhago 6 Reputation points

Cognitive services appear not to be available.
I'm getting 404 at URL https://brazilsouth.tts.speech.microsoft.com/cognitiveservices/v1

Until yesterday everything was working normally.

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  1. YutongTie-MSFT 43,076 Reputation points

    @Alexandro Cunhago

    Hi, I have responded to your the other thread, sorry for your experience, but there is ongoing bug for Speech Service, I just tested on my end. This is code and result from me. Could you please double check on your resource to see if you use your key and region correctly? And if you are using above URL as your endpoint, it may be not correct, mine is : https://yutongbrazilsspeech.cognitiveservices.azure.com/sts/v1.0/issuetoken

    # Copyright (c) Microsoft. All rights reserved.  
    # Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.md file in the project root for full license information.  
    # <code>  
    import azure.cognitiveservices.speech as speechsdk  
    # Creates an instance of a speech config with specified subscription key and service region.  
    # Replace with your own subscription key and service region (e.g., "westus").  
    speech_key, service_region = "2b2d0df7b7f94b59**********", "brazilsouth"  
    speech_config = speechsdk.SpeechConfig(subscription=speech_key, region=service_region)  
    # Creates a speech synthesizer using the default speaker as audio output.  
    speech_synthesizer = speechsdk.SpeechSynthesizer(speech_config=speech_config)  
    # Receives a text from console input.  
    print("Type some text that you want to speak...")  
    text = input()  
    # Synthesizes the received text to speech.  
    # The synthesized speech is expected to be heard on the speaker with this line executed.  
    result = speech_synthesizer.speak_text_async(text).get()  
    # Checks result.  
    if result.reason == speechsdk.ResultReason.SynthesizingAudioCompleted:  
        print("Speech synthesized to speaker for text [{}]".format(text))  
    elif result.reason == speechsdk.ResultReason.Canceled:  
        cancellation_details = result.cancellation_details  
        print("Speech synthesis canceled: {}".format(cancellation_details.reason))  
        if cancellation_details.reason == speechsdk.CancellationReason.Error:  
            if cancellation_details.error_details:  
                print("Error details: {}".format(cancellation_details.error_details))  
        print("Did you update the subscription info?")  
    # </code>  

    Hope this will help. Please let us know if any further queries.


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