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Azure Bot - Insufficient privileges to complete the operation

On my personal pay-as-you-go subscription (logged in with same email id i.e. owner), I am trying to create a bot by following 3-exercise-action-commands. However I am getting the below error when I click on manage link in the configuration of the bot. Since the 'type of app' section where user selects whether it should be 'single tenant' etc., was not mentioned in the exercise, I was selecting the default 'user-defined identity' option and in that case clicking on manage didn't even show the certificates and secrets option in the left side menu. Now when I selected 'single tenant', I can see this section but no authorization.

Please help me in resolving this.
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@ekansh-saxena Thanks for the question. Can you please add more details about the level of access that you are currently assigned.
Here is link to the document to Register a bot with azure:

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Hi @ramr-msft , I am a newbie in Azure so pardon me if I ask a noob question.
This is my personal account so I am the owner of this which means I have all the possible roles.163644-image.png

I am still not able to view anything when I click on manage link in the bot but if I go through AAD > App registrations > I can see my bot there and I am able to generate the secret from there.

My question is why does it restrict me when I navigate from manage link in the bot?

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@ekansh-saxena Thanks for the details. We are able to see the certificates and secrets as shown below.


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Any idea why it might not be working for me? Or how can I get support on this?

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I’ve enabled one-time Free Technical Support for you. To create the support request, please do the following:

• Go to the Health Advisory section within the Azure Portal:
• Select the Issue Name "You have been enabled for one-time Free Technical Support"
• Details will populate below in the Summary Tab within the reading panel and you can click on the link "Create a Support Request" to the right of the message

Let me know what your support request number is so that I can keep track of your case. If you run into any issues, feel free to let me know.

Hope this will help. Please let us know if any further queries.

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Thanks. The support request number is 2201200050000281.

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