Uninstall security update KB5009543 in Windows 10

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I am trying to delete the security update K5009543, because of the issues it causes with the VPN L2TP connections..

I tried uninstalled it from cmd (run as Administrator)

wusa /uninstall /kb:5009543

But the uninstall doesn't complete as it says the update is necessary. Is there any workaround?

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  1. Michael Johansson 21 Reputation points

    The tip from Benorado worked for me (page 4)!:


    Claim ownership of this file:


    Rename it to:


    (For backup)

    Then Copy the file "C:\Windows\System32\IKEEXT.DLL" from a working Windows 10 Machine and paste it in the machine that isn't working.

    Then i restarted and reconfigured the VPN connection.

    Dont know if this is an optimal solution but it works for me and i wasn't scared in case of bricking this computer.

    Worked on a Windows 10 machine, try at your own risk.

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  2. Reza-Ameri 14,811 Reputation points

    In the Windows 10, go to start and click on Settings and click on Update & Security and then click on View update history and you have option called Uninstalled updates and you may click on it and look for the update and uninstall it.

  3. Limitless Technology 37,526 Reputation points

    Hello @kpackaging

    WUSA is not anymore reliable for all updates in latest versions of Windows 10/11. Please use powershell for it:

    You can use this script as example:

    Get-WindowsPackage -Online | ?{$_.ReleaseType -like "*Update*"} | `  
    ForEach-Object {Get-WindowsPackage -Online -PackageName $_.PackageName} | `  
    Where-Object {$_.Description -like "*KB5009543*"} | Remove-WindowsPackage -Online -NoRestart  

    Hope this helps with your query,

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  4. Docs 13,091 Reputation points

    Please see this thread and links:





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  5. Reza-Ameri 14,811 Reputation points

    Microsoft is aware of the issue with the VPN after installing the KB5009543 and working on a fix and will share more details on the workaround and it will be fixed in the future releases.
    As the workaround you have to ask your IT administrator to disable Vendor ID for the VPN in the server side (in case it is available in the VPN).
    Take a look at: