Teams Meetings created with Graph API doesn't connect properly with ACS

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I used below request to create a meeting with MS Graph Create Online meeting API

  "startDateTime": "2022-01-16T13:15:32.203Z",  
  "endDateTime": "2022-01-16T13:45:32.203Z",  
  "subject": "Instant share",  
  "lobbyBypassSettings": {  
    "scope": "everyone"  

The meeting gets created fine.

I login to the meeting in my web app with Azure Communication Services(ACS) using Teams Identity, it is showing connected. If I login to the same meeting with Microsoft Teams client or browser, it doesn't show the instance of attendee logged in with ACS.

After some time(~5 minutes), if I connect to the same meeting using ACS again, then ACS is showing as attendee in the Microsoft Teams client/browser.

Is there is any waiting period between teams meeting is creation time and when it is available to connect from ACS ?

I am using following npm libraries,
@azure/communication-identity (1.1.0-beta.1) - For Login to ACS with Teams Identity
@azure/communication-common (1.1.0) - ACS common
@azure/communication-calling (1.3.2) - ACS video call

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    Update: Case description:

    On ACS Call Information

    Call #1 relates to ACS call that joined immediately after the calendar entry is created.
    Call #2 relates to ACS after it is disconnected from Call #1 and rejoined again after a small time gap. The second one showed up in the MS Teams call, not the first one.

    After internal finding it came out that the only difference is for the first call, the meeting link comes directly from API and for the second one, it was inputted manually in the UI And the issue was on some parts of UI code strips out the https://. So before joining the call, https:// was added to the meeting link.

    For the call #1, the link comes directly from API call, https was not removed and while joining the meeting https was added again. So the meeting link will have one extra protocol identifier After fixing this is resolved.

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