How many core license's are needed for a 10 core processor ?

Austin Verbryck 1 Reputation point

I've been attempting to publish a few projects through using visual studio, & then host them through IIS 10 Express, however I've been doing this with windows 10 os. I've recently come to realization that this likely should be replaced with windows server 2019 but I would like to ask two questions I've been stumped on.

1. Is it 100% necessary to use windows server 2019 os, or can I host my projects live just within the windows 10 os & IIS 10 Express ?

2. If/When I get windows server 2019 os how would I determine how many core licenses I would need for a 10 core processor, the Intel Xeon w-1290p. Is the windows server 2019 os with an 8 core license sufficient &/or best ?

Thank you for any feedback, Austin.

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  1. Dave Patrick 426.2K Reputation points MVP

    16 core is a minimum only. The 2 and 8 core packs accommodate the many different configurations of processor core counts. More here
    and here

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  2. Austin Verbryck 1 Reputation point

    Okay, understood. Going back to the 1st question in the original post though, is it physically impossible to host a server with just windows 10 & the built in IIS 10 Express features ? I ask because in my experience it's possible to create sites, publish them in visual studio using ASP.NET Web Application but then when attempting to browse my "live" webpage I am presented with this default ASP.NET page ->

    instead of my actual html & css content ->167672-austin2sxcreenshot.png

    So final question, is it impossible to host an IIS 10 Express server with just the Xeon w-1290p processor & windows 10 ?

  3. Bruce ( 57,891 Reputation points

    IIS express licensing does not permit use on a production server. As long as it is for internal use and not accessible from the internet you are probably good. Also you need to enable remote access

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  4. Austin Verbryck 1 Reputation point

    Thank you Bruce, I understand where my error in thought was now. Would this digital download be sufficient ?


    I noticed common pricing for a physical copy is anywhere from about 250$-500$ so i'm looking for the most cost effective way to get windows server 2019 os w/16 core licenses.

    Any feedback is appreciated !

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  5. Dave Patrick 426.2K Reputation points MVP

    You'll find microsoft pricing here. If you go third party just be sure to vet the vendor carefully.

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