List appointment returning empty customers array

Macháček Martin 56 Reputation points

The endpoint for booking appointment

GET v1.0/solutions/bookingBusinesses/{id}/calendarView?start={start-value}&end={end-value}  

Returns empty customers property even in case that appointment has customers.

Is it a bug in Graph API or some permission issue?

Microsoft Graph Customer Booking API
Microsoft Graph Customer Booking API
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  1. MarkAtAgilliance 1 Reputation point

    OK, I think I may have an answer based on an answer to a similar missing field question which I posted here.

    It looks like this node is not available in the get list and you have to retrieve each appointment by its ID to see this information.

    IMHO, Not very helpful since often in lists we want to see customer details. I guess this is a casualty of the "enhancement" of being able to have multiple customers per booking.

    Unlike my issue which was documented, this behaviour appears not to be documented.


  2. Bob Haring 1 Reputation point

    It's a bit absurd to have the documentation suggest that it's possible. Even providing an example json with customer information: