at Source 'source': org.apache.spark.SparkException: Job aborted due to stage failure

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I am developing a dataflow in Synapse Analitycs and when I am running the pipeline I get the following error.

The strange thing about everything, is that I make another pipeline, but no longer with a dataflow, if not, only with a copy activity and it executed well, in other words it is not the data.

I hope you can help me with this mistake.

at Source 'source': org.apache.spark.SparkException: Job aborted due to stage failure: Task 3 in stage 15.0 failed 1 times, most recent failure: Lost task 3.0 in stage 15.0 (TID 35, vm-85b29723, executor 1): java.nio.charset.MalformedInputException: Input length = 1
at java.nio.charset.CoderResult.throwException(
at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder.implRead(
at com.fasterxml.jackson.core.json.ReaderBasedJsonParser.loadMore(
at com.fasterxml.jackson.core.json.ReaderBasedJsonParser._skipWSOrEnd(
at com.fasterxml.jackson.core.json.ReaderBasedJsonParser.nextToken(
at org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.json.JsonInferSchema$$anonfun$1$$anonfun$apply$1$$anonfun$apply$3.apply(JsonInferSchema.scala:56)
at org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.json.JsonInferSchema$$anonfun$1$$anonfun$apply$1$$anonfun$apply$3.apply(JsonInferSchema.scala:55)
at org.apache.spark.util.Utils$.tryWithResource(Utils.scala:2568)
at org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.json.JsonInferSchema$$anonfun$1$$anonfun$apply$1.apply(JsonInferSchema.scala:55)
at org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.json.JsonInferSchema$$anonfun$1$$anonfun$apply$1.apply(JsonInferSchema.scala:53)
at scala.collection.Iterator$$anon$12.nextCur(Iterator.scala:435)
at scala.collection.Iterator$$anon$12.hasNext(Iterator.scala:441)
at scala.collection.Iterator$class.foreach(Iterator.scala:891)
at scala.collection.AbstractIterator.foreach(Iterator.scala:1334)
at scala.collection.TraversableOnce$class.reduceLeft(TraversableOnce.scala:185)
at scala.collection.AbstractIterator.reduceLeft(Iterator.scala:1334)
at scala.collection.TraversableOnce$class.reduceLeftOption(TraversableOnce.scala:203)
at scala.collection.AbstractIterator.reduceLeftOption(Iterator.scala:1334)
at scala.collection.TraversableOnce$class.reduceOption(TraversableOnce.scala:210)
at scala.collection.AbstractIterator.reduceOption(Iterator.scala:1334)
at org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.json.JsonInferSchema$$anonfun$1.apply(JsonInferSchema.scala:70)
at org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.json.JsonInferSchema$$anonfun$1.apply(JsonInferSchema.scala:50)
at org.apache.spark.rdd.RDD$$anonfun$mapPartitions$1$$anonfun$apply$23.apply(RDD.scala:823)
at org.apache.spark.rdd.RDD$$anonfun$mapPartitions$1$$anonfun$apply$23.apply(RDD.scala:823)
at org.apache.spark.rdd.MapPartitionsRDD.compute(MapPartitionsRDD.scala:52)
at org.apache.spark.rdd.RDD.computeOrReadCheckpoint(RDD.scala:346)
at org.apache.spark.rdd.RDD.iterator(RDD.scala:310)
at org.apache.spark.scheduler.ResultTask.runTask(ResultTask.scala:90)
at org.apache.spark.executor.Executor$TaskRunner$$anonfun$12.apply(Executor.scala:414)
at org.apache.spark.util.Utils$.tryWithSafeFinally(Utils.scala:1360)
at org.apache.spark.executor.Executor$
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

Driver stacktrace:

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  1. KranthiPakala-MSFT 46,427 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Anonymous ,

    Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.

    My understanding is that you are receiving the above error while trying data preview a JSON file as source in Mapping Data flow. But when you tried the same source in Copy activity then there no issue, which confirm you that there is nothing wrong with data. Please correct if I misunderstood the ask.

    If the above understanding is correct then, it seems like there is something wrong with your source settings configuration in Mapping data flow source.
    We recommend to please make sure the JSON Settings under Source Options tab are correctly configured.


    Before previewing the data, please correctly configure the JSON settings under Source Options tab and then under Projection tab check if you are able to see the schema if not try Reset Schema or Import projection. And then try to preview the data.


    I tried to reproduce the issue but no luck. In case if the above steps didn't help to resolve your issue, we request you to please share a sample JSON file (Please note: save the JSON file as TXT extension to attach here) attached in your response along with screenshots of your Source settings, Source options (exand JSON settings), Projection, Inspect tab settings which would help us to reproduce the issue on our end.

    Hope this will help. Please let us know if any further queries.


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