Fail to connect RTSP camera to IoT Central

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I cannot connect camera to IoT Central. I follow this tutorial:

1) I created IoT Edge device (with IoT Edge runtime working). Here is the evidence:
Check if IoT Edge working:

sudo iotedge system logs   


Check if the IoT Edge is provisioned

2) Cannot add camera to edge device gateway:
I added an RTSP camera (not ONVIF) with the following information:

But I get the error:

3) I tried to inspect the error on the gateway.
Log into my Linux machine (which is an edge gateway) and monitor the logging output:

docker logs -f --tail 200 AvaEdgeGatewayModule   

But it couldn't find the containter AvaEdgeGatewayModule
Note: I notice that we haven't installed the container "AvaEdgeGatewayModule" at any step in the tutorial ( If we do and I'm wrong, could you please point out at which step did I miss? Thank you

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  1. António Sérgio Azevedo 7,666 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Hieu Phan ,
    I have synced with the support engineer @Yang Cao that helped you finding the solution for this :). Please verify it as the answer so others can learn from it as well. Thank you so much in advance!

    The issue was due to AvaGatewayEdge module deployment failed, and this is because unspecified image url in the deployment manifest. We checked with PG about the image url since it's not in the doc and this is the link of the image: sseiber/ava-edge-gateway - Docker Image | Docker Hub, to deploy this custom module, below are the steps:

    1) Access your template through IoT Central and version your template to a new one:


    2) Access your newly created template and click on “edit manifest”, update your deployment manifest as below ( The image url is “sseiber/ava-edge-gateway:4.0.1-amd64-debug” for your convenience to copy and paste ):


    3) Publish your template
    4) Access “Devices” panel and assign the newly created template to your ava gateway device:


    5) You will see the module running:



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