Is it a Bug in Winforms?

RxWb 6 Reputation points

Hello All,

I am new in Winforms( C# ). I have used ComboBox Control. When I have set "DroppedDown" property to "true", DropDown window is opening at somewhere else rather than it's required position which should exactly bottom of ComboBox Control. Can someone please help me in this problem?179605-combobox.png

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  1. Rijwan Ansari 746 Reputation points MVP

    Hi @RxWb

    This is not a normal behavior, and I find it working in my side. Would you please restart your pc, open the solution in full screen and try again. Also reset the properties of dropdown.

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  2. Karen Payne MVP 35,201 Reputation points

    This happens when something either in Visual Studio or the Windows environment or a Windows application misbehaving. Have seen this before and will normally clear up by closing, restarting Visual Studio or restarting Windows. So there is no bug, it's environmental.

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