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Michael Mimbela Arenaza 41 Reputation points

How can I capture the records decompressed by a Copy Data Activity in Azure DataFactory? I have used this function "activity('NameofActivity').output.RowsCopied" but it throws the following attached error: Operation on target Stp_Ins_BITACORA_FLUJO_PROCESO_03_TCPZ failed: The expression 'activity('Cpy_Unzip_TCPZ145').output.RowsCopied' cannot be evaluated because property 'RowsCopied' doesn't exist, available properties are 'dataRead, dataWritten, filesRead, filesWritten, sourcePeakConnections, sinkPeakConnections, copyDuration, throughput, errors, effectiveIntegrationRuntime, usedDataIntegrationUnits, billingReference, usedParallelCopies, executionDetails, dataConsistencyVerification, durationInQueue'.
When i use output.dataWritten or output.dataRead donde give me the records in the file.

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  1. HimanshuSinha-msft 19,381 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Thanks @Nasreen Akter & @Pratik Somaiya .
    Hello @Michael Mimbela Arenaza ,
    I concure with @nasreen , when you are decompressing a file , you cannot get the row count .
    You never mentioned what kind of uncompressed files are there , lets assume if you have csv files , You can do

    1. Add one more copy activity ,
    2. Copy the records( not file ) from source to a sink ( may be a container)
    3. Once the copy is done , you will be see the row data as called out by @Nasreen Akter .
    4. Delete the sink data as we do not need that anyways .

    Please do let me if you have any queries.

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  1. Nasreen Akter 10,761 Reputation points

    Hi @Michael Mimbela Arenaza ,

    Thank you for the ask. rowsCopied attribute does not always present in the CopyActivity-->output. Please see the documentation below.
    "rowsCopied: Number of rows copied to sink. This metric does not apply when copying files as-is without parsing them, for example, when source and sink datasets are binary format type, or other format type with identical settings."

    You can see the attributes after running the CopyActivity --> then go to the output (please see the screenshot below). Hope this helps, thanks!



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  2. Pratik Somaiya 4,201 Reputation points

    Hello @Michael Mimbela Arenaza

    Are you selecting a Compression Type parameter in the Copy Activity

    As correctly mention by @Nasreen Akter you can get the rowsCopied from activity output

    But if you need to store it then you will have to perform another logic to count number of rows from the decompressed file and then store it

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