Windows 11 - Indendent Virtual Desktops on each Monitor

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I have Win 11 laptop connected to an external monitor. I have two virtual desktops on my laptop's built-in screen and another two virtual desktops open on the external monitor. Total of 4 virtual desktops simultaneously. When I scroll between two desktops in one monitor other monitor scrolls two. These two monitors, one being a built-in display and the other external monitor should act independently of each other. If you are a Mac user or have used Mac you know exactly what I am talking about. This feature existed in Macs for years. Why Windows doesn't, and have not supported this feature yet? Even in Windows 11? What is the point of scrolling other monitors while I want to switch only one of them? is this feature coming soon?

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  1. Sergiusz Fronc 10 Reputation points

    Feature very much needed

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  2. Chr 10 Reputation points

    mac has been my primary machine for 10 years. Decided to give windows a shot thinking, should be great with just needing to get used to the environment. But without this independent virtual desktop feature, I think I'm going back to mac. MASSIVE FAIL by Microsoft.

    Bloatware is unacceptable as well, but this independent virtual desktop feature is a deal breaker. It's impossible to work in Windows11.

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  3. Sheikh, Imran 5 Reputation points

    Disappointed that this feature with all its potential is of no use in my multi-monitor situation.

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  4. Michel Lima 0 Reputation points

    I would really like the desktop feature to work independently on each monitor, both for leisure and professional reasons.

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  5. 杰 张 0 Reputation points

    Yeah, windows 11 taskview should works separately on different monitors.

    And when opening new applications, it should put the window on the monitor where triggering the open action.

    And when pressing win key, it should pop up the window on the same monitor, too.

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