Stripe Rest API integration with ADF

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we did the Stripe Rest API integration using ADF to load data into Azure Synapse Datawarehouse.
as stripe has a max limit per iteration is 100 records hence to get required records try to add another parameter in the "web". Parameter value supposes to get replaced from lookup data as below.

Unfortunately, in Azure Data Factory pipelines, it looks like parameters are not being substituted for the intended values during the pipeline process.

limit: "100",
key: "sk_live_N5******************Kj8s",
starting_after: "@(activity('pipeline3_test_lookup').output.value)"

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  1. HimanshuSinha-msft 19,386 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Ravi Kumar ,
    Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.
    As we understand the ask here is to make a successful call to the Stripe REST API , please do let us know if its not accurate.
    From your ask it is clear that you are reading the value for "starting_after" from alooup and passing that to the request of the WEB API .
    I could suggest you to please

    1. Create one variable actvity and assign that variable the value @(activity('pipeline3_test_lookup').output.value) and check if you are getting the correct value
    2. I think you are passing the json as the body of the request , so please create a variable activity and try to create a JSON object ('{ limit: "100",key: "sk_live_N5**Kj8s", starting_after":', string(activity('pipeline3_test_lookup').output.value))."}"_
      and pass the variable in the body of the request .


    Please do let me if you have any queries.

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