Can Azure Data Factory connect to Azure MySql Flexible via private endpoints?

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I have an Azure MySql Flexible instance, and an Azure Data Factory instance. Both resources are in the same subscription, connected to private endpoint on the same vnet (each in it's own /29 subnet).

On my Data Factory instance, I followed the steps at to "Create a managed private endpoint" to create the private endpoint/vnet integration runtime.

Here's where the problem is:

  • I create a new pipeline, add a "Copy data" step
  • I add a new linked service (choosing the private endpoint integration runtime I created in previous step, with the vnet enabled).
  • Then I choose the "From Azure subscription" account selection method and select my database.
  • Under the "Managed private endpoint" area, I select "Create new".
  • At this point, it opens a "New managed private endpoint (Azure Database for MySQL)" screen, with a Name populated, and this is in the Account selection method / Enter manually box: /subscriptions/xxxxxxx/resourceGroups/{name-of-my-resource-group}/providers/Microsoft.DBforMySQL/flexibleServers/{name-of-my-flexible-server}, but it gives me the error "Invalid resource ID format. Use the following format: "/subscriptions/<subscriptionID>/resourceGroups/<resourceGroupName>/providers/Microsoft.DBforMySQL/servers/<resourceName>". The suggested format it displays basically says to me that it only supports Microsoft.DBforMySQL/servers, and not Microsoft.DBforMySQL/flexibleServers.
  • If I select the "From Azure subscription" radio button, it lists my other Azure MySql standalone (non-flexible) instances, but it does not list my Flexible instance.

Does this mean that Azure MySql Flexible connections are not currently supported in Data Factory? (In which case, it looks like "flexible" MySql instances are literally not actually that flexible).


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