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ValidationFailed : Synapse Workspaces - Create Or Update - API

Dear All,

Hope everyone is doing great!

Would appreciate some help with an issue I am facing while calling an API via Terraform Enterprise to diable the "Public Network Access" on Synapse Workspace.

Background : We are planning to use CMK encryption, Managed Vnet, Private Endpoints etc. in Synapse workspace and to achieve that Terraform needs to talk to Synapse via public endpoint due to which we cannot create the Synapse workspace with "Public Network Access Disabled" , and decided to Disable the "Public Newtork Access" after the resource is provisioned and activated.

Issue : Using the below API Call (Reference -


Body : { "properties": { "publicNetworkAccess": "Disabled" }, "location" : "australiaeast" }

Error :
"code": "ValidationFailed",
"message": "Workspace request validation failed, check error details for more information",
"details": [
"code": "DefaultDataLakeStorageCannotBeRemoved",
"message": "Default data lake storage cannot be removed"
"code": "ManagedVnetCannotBeChanged",
"message": "Managed virtual network cannot be changed after the workspace is created."
"code": "CustomerManagedKeyOperationNotAllowed",
"message": "Customer Managed Key cannot be removed from a workspace after provisioning."
"code": "PublicNetworkAccessSettingsOnlyApplicableForManagedVnet",
"message": "You can only set Public Network Access to \"Disabled\" for Synapse workspace associated with managed VNet."

Would appreciate any suggestions/pointers to understand why the validation fails for those properties which we are not even trying to change?

Best Regards

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Hello @RahulRohella-0511,

Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.

To better assist on your query could you please clarify if your synapse workspace is associated with a managed vnet or not? The reason I would like know is because you cannot change the workspace configuration after the workspace is created. For example, you cannot reconfigure a workspace that does not have a Managed workspace Virtual Network associated with it and associate a Virtual Network to it. Similarly, you cannot reconfigure a workspace with a Managed workspace Virtual Network associated to it and disassociate the Virtual Network from it. (Ref doc: Azure Synapse Analytics Managed Virtual Network)

Public network access feature is only available to Azure Synapse workspaces associated with Azure Synapse Analytics Managed Virtual Network. For more info please refer to this doc: Azure Synapse Analytics connectivity settings

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Hi @KranthiPakala-MSFT , thank you for your response.

I can confirm, synapse workspace is associated with managed VNet.

Also while debugging the issue I understood, that the body of the REST API actually prefers to have all the existing and changed properties. instead of just the changing properties. So instead of passing the just the changing properties I made a GET call to obtain Synapse Workspace details and then after changing the desired properties I used the whole block in PUT request and fortunately that worked.

Please advise if I am missing anything here.

Best Regards

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Hello @RahulRohella-0511,

Sorry for the delayed response. Are you still experiencing the issue? If so, I would recommend filing a support ticket so that a support engineer can take deeper look into your configurations. In case if you don't have a support plan, please let me know here so that I can check on other options for a quick resolution.

Thank you

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