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Hi all,

Do you know any software or VB script can forward all emails to other email address
For example, I want to forward all incoming email from 3pm to 5pm on Monday to Friday to abc@jaswant .com

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Outlook Management
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  1. Eugene Astafiev 891 Reputation points

    You can handle the NewMailEx event of the Application class in Outlook. The event is fired when a new message arrives in the Inbox and before client rule processing occurs. It fires once for every received item that is processed by Microsoft Outlook. The item can be one of several different item types, for example, MailItem, MeetingItem, or SharingItem. The EntryIDsCollection string contains the Entry ID that corresponds to that item. Call the NameSpace.GetItemFromID method and process the item.

    In the NewMailEx event handler you may check all your conditions and forward the incoming email if required. The MailItem.Forward method executes the Forward action for an item and returns the resulting copy as a MailItem object. The following VBA sample code shows how to forward mail items:

    Sub RemoveAttachmentBeforeForwarding()  
     Dim myinspector As Outlook.Inspector   
     Dim myItem As Outlook.MailItem   
     Dim myattachments As Outlook.Attachments  
     Set myinspector = Application.ActiveInspector  
     If Not TypeName(myinspector) = "Nothing" Then   
       Set myItem = myinspector.CurrentItem.Forward   
       Set myattachments = myItem.Attachments   
       While myattachments.Count > 0   
         myattachments.Remove 1   
       myItem.Recipients.Add "Eugene Astafiev"   
       MsgBox "There is no active inspector."   
     End If   
    End Sub  
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  2. Daniel Leung 1 Reputation point

    Do you know any third party software can do the job?
    The script doesn't seem to meet the condition that I want. If just forwarding, I can just use the rule on the outlook.

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