Microsoft Server 2016 Standard: Update MSSQL 2017 Version 14 auf MSSQL 2019 Version 15 = funktioniert nicht: Fehlercode: 1706

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Microsoft Server 2016 Standard: Update MSSQL 2017 Version 14 auf MSSQL 2019 Version 15 = funktioniert nicht: Fehlercode: 1706

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Ich haben einen kleinen HP Proliant MicroServer Gen8 mit MSSQL 2017 Ver. 14 installiert und möchte die Datenbank upgraden auf MSSQL 2019 Ver. 15.

Leider geht das nicht und ich bekomme immer folgende Fehlermeldung:

Erforderliche Aktion:
Beheben Sie den Fehler mithilfe der folgenden Informationen, und versuchen Sie erneut, den Setupvorgang auszuführen.

Ursache für Funktionsfehler:
Da eine Abhängigkeit der Funktion einen Fehler verursacht hat, war der Setupvorgang für die Funktion nicht erfolgreich.

§ Fehler beim Installieren von Microsoft OLE DB-Treiber für SQL Server
Für das Produkt Microsoft OLE DB-Treiber für SQL Server wurde kein Installationspaket gefunden. Wiederholen Sie die Installation mit einer gültigen Kopie des Installationspakets 'msoledbsql_X64.msi'.
Fehlercode: 1706
Protokolldatei: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\150\Setup Bootstrap\Log\20220402_003205\msoledbsql_Cpu64_1.log
Besuchen Sie um Hilfe bei der Problembehandlung zu erhalten.

Ebenfalls kann ich keine neue Installation machen, diese wird nicht angenommen.

Wo liegt das Problem? Ich bin kein Experte und kenne mich nicht gut aus.

Danke und Gruss

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  1. Ronen Ariely 15,106 Reputation points

    Welcome to the QnA forums @m2move

    The discussions here are conducted only in English (the interface not support non English language or in other world UNICODE). Therefore, If you want to continue the discussion then please translate the question into English.

    I translated your question to English using Google translator so I am not 100% it was translated perfectly, but I will respond the translation I got.

    The translation:

    I have a small HP Proliant MicroServer Gen8 with MSSQL 2017 Ver. 14 installed and would like to upgrade the database to MSSQL 2019 Ver. 15

    Unfortunately that doesn't work and I keep getting the following error message:

    Required Action:
    Use the information below to resolve the error and try the setup process again.

    Cause of functional error:
    Because a feature dependency caused an error, the feature setup process was unsuccessful.

    Error details:
    § Failed to install Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server
    No installation package was found for the product Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server. Retry the installation with a valid copy of the installation package 'msoledbsql_X64.msi'.
    Error code: 1706
    Log File: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\150\Setup Bootstrap\Log\20220402_003205\msoledbsql_Cpu64_1.log
    Visit for troubleshooting help.

    Also I can not make a new installation, this is not accepted.

    Where is the problem? I am not an expert and do not know my way around very well.

    Thanks and regards


    (1) Make sure that you restart the machine before you try. Do everything as Administrator.

    (2) To install the OLE DB Driver for SQL Server, you need the msoledbsql.msi installer. If it not installed then you should install it. Check the following document for more information:

    I would recommend to check it is installed first since it might be corrupted as well. go to the control panel -> "uninstall program" and check if there is Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server. If it exists, then you might need to uninstall it -> restart your machine -> reinstall.

  2. AmeliaGu-MSFT 13,971 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi m2move-7048,

    Agree with pituach.
    You also can go to installation media root folder \1033_ENU_LP ( the language you chose)\x64\Setup\x64, and double-click MSOLEDBSQL.MSI to install it manually.
    Then re-upgrade SQL Server again.
    If it still does not work, please share us the log in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\150\Setup Bootstrap\Log\20220402_003205\msoledbsql_Cpu64_1.log to analyze.

    Best Regards,

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  3. Erland Sommarskog 106.8K Reputation points

    I don't know if that warning is related to the OLE DB provider, but it seems that your sever is a domain controller. Installing SQL Server on a domain controller is asking for trouble. That alone is reason for finding another machine and installing SQL Server on that machine and then copy the databases with BACKUP/RESTORE.

  4. Erland Sommarskog 106.8K Reputation points

    I note that you have a quite an old build of SQL 2017. Obviously, if you are going to upgrade anyway, that does not really matter. Then again, I am not sure that you in current situation should upgrade to SQL 2019 at all. So it may be a good idea to download and install the most recent Cumulative Update for SQL Server 2017.

    You don't have upgrade the current instance, but you can install a new instance. But then you need to change connection strings etc, and also copy logins etc. Well, you would have to do that with my suggestions as well, but you would still be on a domain controller, which is not a good idea.

    Then again, if you install a new instance, that will in no way affect the existing instance. And you would still have the option to upgrade the current instance. However, you may get the same error, as I don't think this error is related to the upgrade as such. (MSOLEDBSQL is the OLE DB provider needed to set up linked servers to other SQL Server instances.)

    I have a hinch that the issue you are running into is due to a mix of languages. What is the language of the current SQL 2017 installation, English or German? Which version did you download for SQL 2019? Do you have SQL Server Management Studio installed on this version? If so, which language?

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  5. m2move 1 Reputation point

    Hi... sorry really busy with other daily things... yes I think you are right. the installation seems to have a problem with to many APPS installed...

    • Microsoft Network in German should be OK (what can I delete?)
    • Microsoft Hel Viewer 2.2 or 2.3 in German should be OK (what can I delete?)
    • Microsoft ODBC Driver 13 / 17 and DB-Driver (are they correct or to many?)
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 / 2017 / 2019 Englisch, German (64bit?) I don't see what is correct!?
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 / 2017 / !? why so many...
    • Microsoft Visual Studio?

    I don't understand, why there are so many installations!? And I'm not sure what I can deinstall and what is needed for the Proffix Programm installed.

    I think I would need somebody with more knowledge then I have. At the moment the server is running....

    seepictures of installed software in the system:


    thanks for your help!

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