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Azure virtual Desktop SSO with ADFS error token is invalid


i tried to configure ADFS single sign on for our Azure Virtual Desktop Host pool an used the following documentation:

The certificates are issued correctly and are also stored on the session host but i get the error "The authentication token is invalid" on different Windows 10 clients.
On the session host i get evenid 16 in security-kerberos:
The kerberos SSPI package failed to find the smartcard certificate in the certificate store. To remedy, logon as user domain\sessionhost$ and insert the smartcard into your smartcard reader, then use the Certificates snap-in to verify that the smartcard certificate is in the user's personal certificate store.

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Yes i did. Unfortunately the system language is german


As described the certificate is issued

Here is the certificate on the session host

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@MintenbeckSascha-2638 Thank you for your response. I am checking on this, I will keep you posted.

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