Request control during screen share [Ubuntu 18.04.04 LTS]

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I've noticed that when I use the Linux client for Microsoft Teams, that I am unable to give or request control during a screen share session. I know that there is a known bug that I can't do a screenshare from the chat window directly ( but even once I am in a meeting and a screenshare has been started, I don't see the "Request control" option. I do see it under the windows client, so I know its nothing associated with the account or the domain global settings.

Has anyone else found this issue and found a way around it?

Skype for Business Linux
Skype for Business Linux
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  1. Menno 96 Reputation points

    As a workaround we do the following (you could put the sed command just before the last line of /usr/bin/teams):

    • stop Teams app
    • sed -i 's/enableScreenSharingToolbar":false/"enableScreenSharingToolbar":true/' ~/.config/Microsoft/Microsoft\ Teams/settings.json
    • start Teams app

    In practice this allows us to use the Linux client to control e.g. a Windows machine. Not the other way around.

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  1. Sharon Zhao-MSFT 25,061 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi AdnanAhmed,
    Thanks for your feedback. I test this in my environment too. The result is the same.
    As far as I know, this is a limitation in the screen sharing. There are several limitations about screen sharing for you reference:

    1. No red square around the shared content
    2. No screen share from chat
    3. No request / take control
    4. No single window application sharing
    5. Not available for GCCH tenants
      I recommend you continuously pay attention to the follow-up release.
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  2. Jesse Litton 11 Reputation points

    Maybe this worked at one time, but I just tested and it does not appear to work with the current versions. Sharing is just not available at all on the Linux side, and "Give Control" from Windows does not work.

    Linux version: (64-bit) [teams-insiders release]
    Windows version: (64-bit)

    I opened the settings file to verify that the setting was enabled. I have restarted the Linux client multiple times since.

    I've been "continuously paying attention" to this client for about a year now. Microsoft has not made any noticeable improvement to the Linux client in that time. It appears to be nothing more than a thinly-wrapped Electron version of the web client. Other cross-platform collaboration tools have had remote control capabilities on Linux for years before Teams was even released. At this point I'm firmly convinced that no one at Microsoft is working on adding any of the missing functionality to Linux, and we simply won't get it unless they decide to add it to the web interface.