Change Password using Microsoft Graph Beta

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I am using Microsoft Graph beta and trying to reset password for the user..

It is giving me following error

"Exception of type 'Microsoft.Graph.Beta.Models.ODataErrors.ODataError' was thrown.:::: at Microsoft.Kiota.Http.HttpClientLibrary.HttpClientRequestAdapter.ThrowFailedResponse(HttpResponseMessage response, Dictionary2 errorMapping) at Microsoft.Kiota.Http.HttpClientLibrary.HttpClientRequestAdapter.SendAsync[ModelType](RequestInformation requestInfo, ParsableFactory1 factory, IResponseHandler responseHandler, Dictionary`2 errorMapping, CancellationToken cancellationToken)"

My Code

GraphServiceClient _graphClient = GraphHelper.GetAuthenticatedGraphClient(config, credentials);


                await _graphClient.Users[userId].ChangePassword.PostAsync(new Microsoft.Graph.Beta.Users.Item.ChangePassword.ChangePasswordPostRequestBody
                    CurrentPassword = "Password1",
                    NewPassword = "Password2"
            catch(Exception ex)
                Console.WriteLine(ex.Message + "::::" + ex.StackTrace);

public static GraphServiceClient GetAuthenticatedGraphClient(IConfigurationRoot config, B2CCredentials credentials)

            var scopes = new[] { "" };

            var options = new TokenCredentialOptions
                AuthorityHost = AzureAuthorityHosts.AzurePublicCloud

            var clientSecretCredential = new ClientSecretCredential(
                credentials.B2CTenantId, credentials.ClientId, credentials.ClientSecret, options);

            var graphClient = new GraphServiceClient(clientSecretCredential, scopes);

            return graphClient;
Microsoft Graph Users API
Microsoft Graph Users API
A Microsoft API that allows you to build compelling app experiences based on users, their relationships with other users and groups, and the resources they access for example their mails, calendars, files, administrative roles, group memberships.
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  1. Carl Zhao_MSFT 18,296 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @JS Arya

    Only Directory.AccessAsUser.All delegated permissions can change user passwords, refer to the api documentation.

    By the way, since Azure AD B2C's token does not yet support calling graph api, you need to use the Azure AD based authentication flow to authenticate your B2C user and get the token.
    E.g. auth code flow or ROPC flow.

    using Microsoft.Graph;  
    using Azure.Identity;  
    namespace test1  
        class Program  
            static async System.Threading.Tasks.Task Main(string[] args)  
                var scopes = new[] { "Directory.AccessAsUser.All" };  
                // Multi-tenant apps can use "common",  
                // single-tenant apps must use the tenant ID from the Azure portal  
                var tenantId = "b2c tenant id";  
                // Value from app registration  
                var clientId = "b2c app client id";  
                // using Azure.Identity;  
                var options = new TokenCredentialOptions  
                    AuthorityHost = AzureAuthorityHosts.AzurePublicCloud  
                var userName = "b2c user name";  
                var password = "password";  
                var userNamePasswordCredential = new UsernamePasswordCredential(  
                    userName, password, tenantId, clientId, options);  
                var graphClient = new GraphServiceClient(userNamePasswordCredential, scopes);  
                var user = new User  
                    PasswordProfile = new PasswordProfile  
                        ForceChangePasswordNextSignIn = false,  
                        Password = "xWwvJ]6NMw+bWH-d"  
                await graphClient.Users["user id"]  

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  1. Shweta Mathur 11,081 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @JS Arya ,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Unfortunately, B2C applications do not support graph operations. If you have registered your application in B2C tenant to authenticate with user flow, you won't be able to call Microsoft graph API endpoint.

    B2C application won't allow to add permission of your application which is required to call Graph API endpoints. It allows only "openid" and "offline_access" permissions which is not sufficient to call Graph API endpoints.

    For now, you can use the single tenant or multi-tenant option while registering your application in B2C tenant to support standard Azure AD functionality.

    To update user's password, delegated permission (Directory.AccessAsUser.All) need to add in API permissions. You can acquire the token using Authorization Code flow and use this token as bearer token to call Graph API.

    Client credential flow is not supported to update user's password as application permissions are not supported to change password which require user's interaction to provide the current password.

    Hope this will help.



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  2. JS Arya 46 Reputation points

    My requirement is....

    In my application there will be multiple customers, they will have their own b2c Applications defined.

    Each application will have their own users, we are creating users using Azure AD B2C and they are getting created successfully. Now the users will login to the system and from the profile page they can change the password.

    Is there any solution which can enable the b2c user to change the password?